British WWI Infantry – Tamiya

Scale: 1:35

Manufacturer: Tamiya

Size: –

Available: August 2021

Tamiya introduces us to four World War I English infantrymen, with a complete pack of war equipment featuring Enfield rifles, Lewis machine guns and Webley revolvers, plus grenades and other small arms, helmets, water bottles, cartridges and bags. .

The model presented to us by Tamiya includes a color guide for painting the figures.

About the uniforms, the british soldiers in WWI were issued with 1902 Pattern service dress and 1908 Pattern webbing to be worn over the top. The Pattern 1902 eschewed traditional bright colors in favor of a low-visibility tone of khaki, with thick wool used for upper and lower garments. On their lower legs, infantrymen wore puttees and officers leggings. From the middle of the conflict onwards, Mk.I helmets were distributed. A number of firearms were used: the Lee Enfield rifle was a mainstay, with some soldiers attaching wire cutters and even rifle grenades.
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