Belgian and dutch houses – DioDump

Belgian house Scale: 1:35 Manufacturer: DioDump Size: height: Size approx: height: 21cm – width: 18,5cm – depth: 3cm Suitable for scale 1:32 / 54mm. Available: July 2021 This typical Belgian village house characterizes itself by the shingled side wall. A common sight in all parts of Belgium dating back to the early 1900’s. Furthermore there isContinue reading “Belgian and dutch houses – DioDump”

Alles Kaputt diorama – DioDump

Scale: 1:35 Manufacturer: DioDump Size: height: 23cm – width: 16cm – depth: 6cm (incl. steps) Available: July 2021 DioDump presents us on this occasion a German building from the end of the war, bombed. It is presented in three main parts and four parts to complete the diorama with stairs, doors and windows. The dioramaContinue reading “Alles Kaputt diorama – DioDump”

Church in ruins – 1:35 DioDump

We start a series of posts to show off the latest Diodump news in 1:35 dioramas. On this occasion we have prepared the section of a ruined church. The diorama is presented in three parts of resin and with a section of translucent plastic that we can attach to make stained glass of the church.Continue reading “Church in ruins – 1:35 DioDump”