Soviet troops on a truck – Master Box

Scale: 1:35 Manufacturer: Master Box Size: – Available: soon This August Master Box has presented some of the news that we have prepared for the next course. Among them, and in a series of publications that we will do in the coming days we are presented with a kit of five figures (four passengers andContinue reading “Soviet troops on a truck – Master Box”

US Paratroopers – Master Box

Scale: 1:35 Manufacturer: Master Box Size: – Available: August 2021 The Ukrainian company Master Box presents us on this occasion a set of three 1:35 scale figures of American paratroopers in European uniform from 1944. This time the set of figures consists of two figures in retreat and one in combat attitude. The Master Box kitContinue reading “US Paratroopers – Master Box”

Urgent Dispatch – Master Box

1:35 scale plastic figures designed and produced by Master Box. Panzergrenadier is a German term for a formation of panzer grenadiers, i.e. infantry units trained to fight in close cooperation with their own tanks. This term was officially used in 1942, when infantry divisions were renamed grenadier divisions and motorized infantry divisions into panzer grenadierContinue reading “Urgent Dispatch – Master Box”