Leyland Retriever General Service – MiniArt

Scale: 1:35 Manufacturer: ICM Size: 294 x 230 x 58 mm (box) Available: September2021 ICM reissues this classic of the brand, with new molds, metal parts and new presentation. The model continues to present a complete detail of the interior. The model will be available from September 2021. The Leyland Retriever was a 6×4 truckContinue reading “Leyland Retriever General Service – MiniArt”

Type G4 Partisanenwagen – ICM

Scale: 1:35 Manufacturer: ICM Size: 158 x 54 mm (model size) ; 295 x 225 x 40 mm (box) Available: August 2021 ICM presents this Model G4 Partisanen Wagen model, a vehicle model with two 1:35 scale machine guns. The kit consists of 307 pieces and has the complete design of the interior of theContinue reading “Type G4 Partisanenwagen – ICM”

European tramcar – Miniart

Scale: 1:35 Manufacturer: MiniArt Size: 345x240x100 mm (box) Available: September 2021 Miniart does it again, and this time presents a street section with all the accessories, a tram (strassenbahn treinbwagen 64) in its european version of the 30s and 40s. The miniart box contains the tram, 10 figures (passengers, reviewer and driver), and street sectionContinue reading “European tramcar – Miniart”

Church in ruins – 1:35 DioDump

We start a series of posts to show off the latest Diodump news in 1:35 dioramas. On this occasion we have prepared the section of a ruined church. The diorama is presented in three parts of resin and with a section of translucent plastic that we can attach to make stained glass of the church.Continue reading “Church in ruins – 1:35 DioDump”

Pz.Kpfw.III – by Takom

Editet for Takom Miniatures in 1/35 scale in 2015. PzKpfw III (Panzerkampfwagen III) was a German medium tank from the Second World War. The first prototypes of the vehicle were made in 1936, and serial production continued in the period 1937-1943, ending with the production of about 5,800 vehicles. The tank in the E versionContinue reading “Pz.Kpfw.III – by Takom”

Early War Russian Tanker Commander-Alpine Miniatures

 Early War Russian Tanker Commander with uniform from 1939-1943 of the first moments of the German occupation of the Soviet Union. Edited in resin in four pieces on a 1/35 scale. This piece was first time published in 2007, being one of his first pieces.

Caunter British camo – by AMMO mig

A collection of the specific colors most used by the British Army during World War II in North Africa and the Mediterranean. You will be able to represent one of the most unique camouflages used during the conflict. In addition to tanks, these colors were also used to camouflage trucks, motorcycles, tractors and artillery. TheContinue reading “Caunter British camo – by AMMO mig”

Stalingrad Vehicles Colors – AMMO

Stalingrad Vehicles Colors. Camouflages of the German and Soviet vehicles in the Battle of Stalingrad (Multilingual). The Battle of Stalingrad was undoubtedly one of the best known and most dramatic of World War II, and marked a turning point in the development of the war. In this book we present the camouflages of the largeContinue reading “Stalingrad Vehicles Colors – AMMO”

German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkraftrad – Tamiya

This 1/35 scale assembly model recreates an all-new version of the Kettenkraftrad, which was previously released in the 1/35 Military Miniature Series back in 1973. The kit depicts a mid-production version, as opposed to the early-production version seen in the 1973 release. The model gives you more realistic scenery options with three infantry figures andContinue reading “German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkraftrad – Tamiya”

Matilda MKIII/IV – Tamiya

After WWI, England began development of infantry tanks which featured thick armor and produced the same speed as that of a soldier on foot. From this, two cruiser tanks were produced prior to WWII with one being the Matilda Mk.II infantry tank. It was the first British tank to come with a diesel engine. ItContinue reading “Matilda MKIII/IV – Tamiya”