WWII German most iconic ss vehicles volume 1 and 2

This new gem of the company AK interactive takes us into the study of the most iconic models of military vehicles used by the SS during World War II. Painting techniques, marking, … a world to discover in these two volumes of the Spanish company AK Interactive. The first volume of the two that willContinue reading “WWII German most iconic ss vehicles volume 1 and 2”

Stalingrad Vehicles Colors – AMMO

Stalingrad Vehicles Colors. Camouflages of the German and Soviet vehicles in the Battle of Stalingrad (Multilingual). The Battle of Stalingrad was undoubtedly one of the best known and most dramatic of World War II, and marked a turning point in the development of the war. In this book we present the camouflages of the largeContinue reading “Stalingrad Vehicles Colors – AMMO”