German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkraftrad – Tamiya

This 1/35 scale assembly model recreates an all-new version of the Kettenkraftrad, which was previously released in the 1/35 Military Miniature Series back in 1973. The kit depicts a mid-production version, as opposed to the early-production version seen in the 1973 release. The model gives you more realistic scenery options with three infantry figures and a cart also included. The Kettenkraftrad was originally developed for commando units, but was found to be highly useful on the poor terrain in Russian territory. Of its numerous versions, the mid- production was the most prolifically manufactured, and was used to transport materials and even guns in the latter half of WWII.

• 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 140mm, width: 30mm.
• Features realistic depiction of suspension and the complex wheel positions based on research of the real vehicle.
• Assembly type tracks have one-piece straight sections, and the separate pad parts, engine and transmission give a more realistic image.
• Engine hatch can be assembled open or closed, and it uses photo-etched parts for grille. Jigs are also included to bend the photo-etched parts.
• This kit includes a trailer with depiction of canvas cover, driver and infantry figures (three total) which have multipurpose poses, and were created by the latest 3D scanning techniques.
• Decals for instrument panel meters are included.
• Two types of color scheme – dark yellow and three-colored camouflage – are introduced in the manual.

El Sd.Kfz.2 (kleines Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz. 2) és un vehicle polivalent lleuger alemany de la Segona Guerra Mundial. Aquest vehicle era una mena de combinació d’una moto i un tractor de rastre. El prototip es va construir a la planta NSU-Werke el 1940. El juny de 1941 va ser acceptat oficialment a l’armament de la Wehrmacht. En total, el 1945 ja es van construir més de 8.000 vehicles. Curiosament, la producció va continuar després de la guerra, amb finalitats civils. Les tasques bàsiques de Sd.Kfz.2 són, sobretot, transportar petites càrregues, remolcar armes lleugeres i posar cables de telèfon. Sd.Kfz.2 va servir principalment al nord d’Àfrica i al front oriental, a gran escala des de 1942. El vehicle es caracteritzava per grans propietats fora de carretera i una velocitat màxima considerable. L’inconvenient era l’estructura molt complexa, especialment la suspensió. Dades tècniques: longitud: 3 m, amplada: 1 m, alçada: 1,2 m, potència del motor: 36 km, autonomia (a la carretera): 250 km, velocitat màxima (a la carretera): 70 km / h, armes (versió Sicherungsfahrzeuge): 1 MG -34 metralladora de 7,92 mm.

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